American Advertising Awards Entry Policies and Explanation of Additional Fees

The following are KC Ad Club’s Entry Policies and Explanation of Additional Fees for our local American Advertising Awards competition. These policies and explanations apply to both professional and student competitions and are relevant to our local club only. They are not comprehensive and are not intended to replace the National American Advertising Federation’s Awards Rules and Categories. For comprehensive instruction, please refer to Professional Rules and Categories if you are submitting an entry in the professional competition, or Student Rules and Categories if you are entering the student competition.

Competition Rules and Categories Questions: 

  1. To ensure your competition experience is successful, the American Advertising Awards Program Manager is available to answer all of your Entries questions. Please submit your inquiries prior to submitting your entries to avoid resubmission fees. Please send your inquiries to [email protected]
  2. There is no limit to the number of questions you may ask. 
  3. To ensure you receive an answer prior to a posted submission deadline, email your questions as early in the entries process as possible.  Ask early, ask often.
  4. This is a free service. You will not be billed for the time we spend helping you prior to your final submission. 

Non-member Entries Submitted as Member Entries:

  1. If you are not a paying member of KC Ad Club and submit your Entries as a member, you will be sent an invoice for the difference between the Entry fee for non-members and the Entry fee for paid members. 
  2. Prior to being invoiced as a non-member, you will be contacted with the option to pay membership dues and waive the additional non-member fee.
  3. An additional fee of $20 will be assessed when a non-member enters as a member; this fee covers the difference between the non-member and member entry fees.
  4. These fees are not assessed for non-member Entries submitted correctly as non-member entries. 

Late Entries:

  1. Entries deadlines are determined and posted in advance. You are responsible for submitting your Entries on time. If you miss a deadline for any reason, you will be charged a late entry fee. System time outs and failures happen. It is up to you to anticipate them and plan accordingly. 
  2. Entry deadlines include submitting your entries online and delivering your physical pieces in person at the drop-off location. If you submit your entries online prior to the deadline but fail to submit your required physical pieces prior to the deadline, your Entry will be considered late and you will be charged a fee. 
  3. All late entrants pay late fees for late Entries. Please do not ask us to waive your late fees unless you have a valid emergency situation.
  4. KC Ad Club reserves the right to waive late entries in the event of a valid emergency. This will be subject to our review and interpretation, on a case-by-case basis. We do not consider car trouble, technical issues, heavy traffic, or other routine, last-minute problems valid emergencies.  These are easily anticipated issues and are a good reason to plan ahead to submit your projects as early as possible. 
  5. Early Entry and Final Entry deadlines are firm to the minute. Entries submitted one minute past the deadline will be considered late. Please plan to arrive with your physical Entries at least 30 minutes prior to the deadline. 
  6. You MUST have all physical pieces properly marked with your Entry number attached. Entries submitted in person without proper documentation attached will be charged a resubmission fee.
  7. Following the Final Entry deadline, we will allow late entries for up to 24 hours. Note that anything you submit during this additional 24 hours is considered late and you will incur the late fee. We are simply allowing you an extra 24 hours to submit your projects. After 24 hours, you will no longer be able to submit your projects for this year’s competition. There will be no additional extensions of time for any reason.
  8. The fee for late entries is $25 per late entry. 

Incomplete and/or Incorrect Category Submissions:

KC Ad Club's policy to charge a resubmission fee is in place because of the extensive amount of time it takes to thoroughly review every entry, identify potential disqualifiers or missing pieces, follow-up with entrants to discuss necessary changes and schedule additional drop-off times for submission of missing pieces. The entire process is complex and time consuming. 

  1. A resubmission fee is charged for each entry that is submitted as incomplete or requires a category change.
  2. All entrants who submit incomplete or incorrectly categorized entries are charged a resubmission fee.
  3. Every entrant is given the opportunity to ask as many questions as needed prior to submission to properly submit each entry. Please ask your questions ahead of time. Please do not wait until the last day to ask questions. Please do not ask us to waive your fees. 
  4. The resubmission fee for incomplete or incorrectly categorized entries is $25 per entry. 

Requirements for Physical Entries:

  1. Physical Entries must be prepared before you arrive at the drop off location. 
  2. Uline bags will be available prior to Early and Final Entry deadlines. Please check your email for instructions and pick up your bags ahead of time. Entrants who arrive without their Entries bagged and ready will be asked to complete the process and come back at a later time. 
  3. Please have the following completed and with you when you arrive: 
    1. Printed manifest of all of your Entries.
    2. Each Entry in its own Uline bag (unless too big to fit in bag).
    3. If too big for a bag, please submit in a box, tube or other appropriately sized container.
    4. Two copies of each physical piece in your Entry.
    5. Two copies of the Entry form (in bag or taped to entry).
    6. The tag(s) you printed off with your Entry form, taped to your Entry pieces. This must be done by you prior to delivery.
    7. Your Entry pieces numbered if Entry has more than one piece (i.e. 1 of 4, 2 of 4, 3 of 4, 4 of 4).
    8. Signed copy of waiver/contract (not necessary for digital entries) handed in separate from Entry bag.

Please let us know if you have any questions about the policies or fees set forth in this document. 

Thank you! We wish you all the best luck in this year’s competition!

Karen Neal
KC Ad Club American Advertising Awards Program Manager
[email protected]